Bang Bang Nachos$1299

Crispy won-ton chips layered with bang bang shrimp and topped with crunchy coleslaw.

Smoked Whitefish Dip$1199

Served with Nantucket Baking Co. crostini.

Creamy Feta Artichoke Dip                             $1199  

Served with Nantucket Baking Co. crostini.

Crab Rangoon Dip$1199                                              

Served with crispy won-ton chips.

Bang Bang Shrimp$1199

Lightly breaded and flash fried shrimp, tossed in sweet and slightly spicy Asian ginger chili sauce.

Chicken Chili Fries or Tots$1099

Your choice of fries or tots covered with white chicken chili and melted cheese.

Chicken Wing Dings$1299

Buffalo, Carolina Gold BBQ, Traditional BBQ, Ghost Pepper, or Garlic Parmesan. Served with Carrots & Celery.  

Sand Castle Nachos$1399

Tortilla chips piled high and covered with nacho cheese, melted shredded cheese, taco chicken or beef, and lettuce, tomato and jalapenos. Served with salsa and sour cream.

Fried Pickles$899

Crunchy coated Dill pickle spears.

Deep Fried Mushrooms$799

Mushrooms dipped in batter and deep fried.

Onion Ring Bucket$799

Pretzel Bites$899

Soft Pretzel bites with served with warm nacho cheese.

Homemade Chips & Salsa$699

Add Cheese +$2.


Made with local beef from Tom's Meat Market. Regular and Pretzel buns from Nantucket Baking Company.

All burgers are served with fries or tots. Substitute sweet potato fries +$1 or onion rings +$2.

Make any burger "beached" by skipping the bun and we'll serve it over tots instead. 

Substitute Black Bean patty on any burger. 

Breakfast Burger$1399

Fried egg, bacon, Cheddar cheese with Bloody Mary sauce. 

Build-Your-Own Sand Bar Burger $1199

Add cheese for +$1, and just $0.50 for additional items. 

Tiger Burger$1399

Sautéed peppers, onions, jalapenos, HOT sauce and Provolone cheese.

Black & Blue Burger$1399

Cajun seasoned beef patty with melted Blue cheese and bacon.

Patty Melt$1299

Caramelized onions and Swiss cheese. Served on marble rye from Nantucket Baking Co.

Mushroom & Swiss Burger$1299

Bullseye Burger$1399

Onion ring, bacon, Cheddar cheese with BBQ sauce. 

Sandman Olive Burger$1399

Three olives sauce, caramelized onions, and Provolone cheese. 

* Steaks and burgers are cooked to order, however consuming undercooked meat may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. *

Sandwiches & Wraps

Buffalo Chicken$1499

Crispy or grilled Chicken with lettuce, tomato, banana peppers and Blue cheese dressing. Served as a wrap or sandwich. 

Steak Wrap$1499

Steak with sauteed peppers, onion, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and creamy Feta spread. 

Chicken Caesar Wrap $1499

Grilled Chicken chopped Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing.

Veggie Wrap $1199

Spinach wrap with sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms, chopped spinach and creamy Feta spread. 

Turkey Club Panini$1399

Turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. 

Classic Chicken$1499

Crispy or grilled Chicken with Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and ranch. Served as a wrap or sandwich. 

Nashville Hot Chicken$1499

Crispy or grilled Chicken with lettuce and pickles. Served as a wrap or sandwich. 

Dinner Entrees

 Baked Potato • Rice • Garlic Toast • Vegetable • Coleslaw • Cottage Cheese • Fries • Sweet Potato Fries • Tater Tots
Add cup of soup or side salad +$2.99

Feisty Norwegian

Kabob Bucket$1699

Six skewers of meat: Chicken, Steak, and Shrimp. Served with grilled peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and rice. *Prices may vary for substitutions. 

Feisty Norwegian$1799

Shredded Salmon filet served with stir fry vegetables and covered with a sweet and slightly spicy Asian ginger sauce. 

Fried Fish Dinners

Served with your choice of two sides. 

Lake Perch $26.99

Fried Shrimp $17.99

Coconut Shrimp $18.99

Fresh Catch Dinners

Served with your choice of two sides. 

Walleye $18.99

Salmon $19.99

Chef's Selection $MKT

Saturday Night Ribs 

Steak Dinners

Served with two sides. Add mushrooms +$1.

Top Sirloin $17.99

New York Strip $26.99

Ribeye $28.99

Chicken Tenders$1299

Crispy Chicken served with fries and coleslaw. Choose Plain, Buffalo, Carolina Gold BBQ, or Traditional BBQ. 

Chicken Dinner$1399

Blackened or grilled Chicken breast served with your choice of two sides.

Make it loaded with grilled peppers, onions, and Provolone cheese +$3. 

Chicken Marsala$1599

Grilled Chicken covered with mushroom Marsala sauce. Served with rice and vegetable. 


Pasta dishes are served with Garlic Bread.

Add Side Salad +$2.99

Rattle Snake Pasta

Fettuccini Alfredo$1499

Add Broccoli +$1 • Chicken +$3 • Add Shrimp +$4 

Cajun Shrimp Pasta$1699

Cajun Shrimp over angel hair pasta with tomatoes, onions, bell and jalapeno peppers.

Rattle Snake Pasta$1699

Bowtie Pasta with Chicken, jalapenos, and a spicy tomato cream sauce. 

Chicken and Bacon Mac$1399

Crispy Chicken and bacon mixed into a large bowl of traditional macaroni and cheese. 

Soup & Salads

All wraps served with French Fries  •  Substitute sweet potato fries +$1 or onion rings +$2.

Dressings: Ranch • Bleu Cheese • 1000 Island • Creamy Italian • French • Raspberry Vinaigrette • Oriental • Balsamic • Honey Mustard • Chipotle Ranch

Sand Bar Homemade Soup - Cup $599

Ask about our rotating soups.
Current Options: White Chicken Chili, and Lemony Asparagus

Sand Bar Homemade Soup - Bowl 

Ask about our rotating soups.
Current Options: White Chicken Chili, and Lemony Asparagus

Sand Bar House Salad$999

Mixed greens, red onion, cucumber, tomato, shredded cheese, and croutons.
Add crispy or grilled Chicken +$3 

Caesar Salad$999

Romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan and croutons tossed in Caesar dressing.

Add Chicken +$3  •  Shrimp +$4  •  Salmon +$5  •  Steak +$5

Cobb Lake Salad$1399

Mixed greens, turkey, egg, bacon, Blue cheese, and diced tomatoes.

Southwest Taco Salad$1399

Taco Beef, Cheddar cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers, shredded lettuce, black beans and corn. Served in a crispy tortilla bowl. 

For Guppies

Macaroni and Cheese$699

Served with Garlic Toast

Chicken Tenders$699

Served with choice of side.

Chicken or Cheese Quesadilla$699

Served with sour cream and salsa. 


Served with choice of side. 

Kids Steak$699

Served with choice of side. 

Kids Kabob Bucket$699

Served with rice.

Sweet Treats

Nantucket Baking Company Cheesecake$899

Made fresh locally. Ask for this week's rotating flavor (strawberry, raspberry or blood orange).

Nantucket Baking Company Pie$699

Made fresh locally. Ask for this week's rotating flavor (key lime, cherry, mixed berry or apple).

Reeses Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pie$899

Chocolate and Peanut putter mousse in a chocolate pie crust with pieces of your favorite reeses candy bar.

Salted Caramel Brownie $699

Served warm with vanilla ice cream. 

Featured Cocktails

Watermelon Sugar$7

Irvine's Vodka, watermelon schnapps, fresh mint, soda spritz

Blackberry Lemon Drop$7

Irvine's Vodka, simple syrup, lemon juice, lemonade spritz.

Blueberry Whiskey Sour$10

Northbound Bourbon, egg white, lemon juice, blueberry simple, orange and lemon twist.

Pineapple Smoke$11

Mezcal, Long Road Orange, lime, and pineapple juice.

Coconut Blood Orange Margarita$10

Highland Tequila, cream of coconut, lime, and blood orange juice.

Jalapeno Margarita$8

Silver Tequila, jalapenos, homemade margarita mix and salted rim.

Blackberry Ghost Pepper Margarita$8

El Nivel Ghost Pepper Tequila, blackberry puree, homemade margarita mix.


Northbound Bourbon, lemon juice, Sambuca, ginger syrup, peach schnapps. 

Gin Flower$7

Irvine's Gin, rosemary simple, elderflower liquor, grapefruit juice and tonic spritz

Gun Lake Fuzzy Navel $8

Irvine's Gin, orange wheel, peach schnapps, lemonade and soda spritz. 

Blood Orange Crush$7

Irvine's Vodka, Long Road Orange, blood orange juice, lemon lime soda spritz.

Bourbon Smash$10

Northbound Bourbon, strawberries, basil, lemon simple, balsamic glaze, and lemonade spritz.

Draft Beer List

Coors Light

Old Nation M-43 (next: Founder's Pilsner)

Shorts Soft Parade (next: Founder's Mortal Bloom)

Bell's Oberon

Bell's Two Hearted

Leinenkugels Summer Shandy

Bottle Beer

Michelob Ultra


Bud Light


Busch Light

PBR 16oz Can $3

Old Style 

Coors Light

Coors Banquet

Miller Light

Miller High Life

Labatt Blue / Light / NA

Corona Extra

Corona Light


Blue Moon

Narragansett Lager Can $2.25

Smack-intosh Hard Apple Cider 

Blake's Triple Jam

Long Drink

Traditional / Zero Sugar / Peach

White Claw 19.2oz Can

Mango / Black Cherry

White Claw Tequila Smash 

Mango / Pineapple / Strawberry / Lime

Happy DAD 

Grape / Watermelon / Lemon-Lime / Wild Cherry / Pineapple 

Happy MOM 


Athletic N/A

Golden / Extra Dark / Belgian White

Heineken N/A

Guinness Stout N/A

Wine List

House Wine

Chardonnay / Pinot Grigio / Merlot 

Powers Chardonnay

Washington State

Babich Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, NZ

Powers Cabernet

Washington State

Parducci Pinot Noir


St. Julian Late Harvest Riesling